Back For Now.

Ah, screw it. Forget decorum, structure and neatness. It’s what I had in mind for this WordPress, since I wanted it to appear more professional and thoughtful (not to mention it would cancel out my tendency toward spazzed-out, piecemeal ramblings). But my unreasonably ambitious and strict standards for the pop culture projects I had in mind was keeping me from doing any short- or medium-term writing, as you can see. I haven’t posted in five months, and in all honesty, haven’t been working especially hard on anything since then either. I’ve tentatively started some new projects, but only for fun. After spending two years on my 2000s reviews, I’m still well within my rights to still be taking a break from writing and focusing on my school, friends and future instead. So I don’t know for sure if I’ll be writing about anything momentous and hugely interesting anytime soon, but in the interim, just for productivity’s sake, I’ll renounce my highfalutin pretensions and make exactly the same kind of pointless, self-indulgent and boring autobiographical posts that bother me when they’re written by other people. Sorry, but this is just temporary, to get back in the habit of writing. I promise I’ll try to make it interesting (a stronger promise than the promise to continue updating regularly).

Anyway, let’s try this out! Random pop cultural thoughts….. (Who knows, these might be more digestible and relevant to people than my bombastic, too-long reviews were!)

Recent interests:

– Rewatching the entire run of Monty Python’s Flying Circus on YouTube. Simply GLORIOUS, if that wasn’t already obvious to you. The first two series particularly stand out even today as two of the most important and perfect canons of entertainment in history. And the third series is no slouch either! …Oh, yeah, and the fourth half-series is just okay in comparison.

– Listening to and expanding my knowledge of 1970s pop music. The 70s were perhaps (quantity-wise) the greatest decade of music EVER. Yeah, yeah, I know, two ridiculously broad hyperboles in two consecutive bulletpoints. But I wouldn’t spend so much time on this stuff if it wasn’t really, truly that good. So far I’ve listened to 100 albums from that era, and more than 60 are Winslow-certified classics (on a much more essential level than all but the best efforts of the ’00s). Then, about 25 more are near-classics, followed by like 10 solid, but unremarkable records and a few mediocre, flawed ones. MUCH better odds than the 2000s, and I still have a LOT more to go!

– I have gotten and played more official, commercial video games in the past four months than I did for at least the four years before that. And I have the advantage of cherry-picking only the best-regarded ones. I’ll tell you what; Half-Life 2, Braid and Portal did not disappoint. Transcendent, brilliant masterpieces, each of them. HL2: Episode One is fantastic, too. I can’t wait until I have the time to start the supposedly-better Episode Two. Oh yeah, and my wonderful girlfriend got me Skyward Sword for Valentine’s Day! 🙂 It’s great, and has followed typical Zelda constraints so far (for better and worse). The motion control vacillates between incredible and horrid, and it seems to be a lot more difficult and brain-bending than past entries in the series (or maybe I’ve just gotten stupider). I’m having an absolutely hellish time just trying to beat the first dungeon boss! Still, it’s easy for me to ignore the silly things about the series and focus on the consistent quality it has to offer.

– As far as recent movies go, I’ve seen The Tree of Life, Drive, and the Descendants, and The King’s Speech, which were varying degrees of good.

Well, I’d better go study for midterms! Thanks for reading! Hahaha, just kidding, nobody reads this crap. Thanks for maybe pretending you read it, though! See you soon!*

*(not a guarantee)

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