The Who Sell Out

The Who (1967)

One of the first concept albums (perhaps the very first, although a lot all came out around the same time), and the concept is actually still fun and relevant! (Note: “concept album” is not to be confused with “rock opera”. Although the Who made the first examples of both.) Sell Out also demonstrates various stray threads of 1960s musical culture, from Mod rock to Haight-Ashbury folk to Britpop arrangements to R&B, and even a miniature rock opera (“Rael”). Plus, it’s also just plain hilarious at times (the memorable and iconic “advertisement” interludes). As with any great Who album, the bonus tracks (generously included on the reissue) are essential listening as well.

Key track: “Odorono”

See also: Their Satanic Majesties Request – the Rolling Stones (1967)

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