Here Come the Warm Jets

Brian Eno (1974)

A hugely groundbreaking record wherein a brilliant sonic guru briefly explores everything from noise rock to krautrock to synth pop to glam rock to ambient to punk to dance to reggae, while integrating lots of classic styles such as music hall, doo-wop, surf rock, blues, soul, garage rock and jazz. Headspinningly diverse and massively enjoyable. Eno is a grossly underrated genius. The revolutionary aspect becomes relevant when one considers that these perverse multi-genre combinations, new technological experiments, and postmodern attitude would soon blossom into a little movement called new wave. Really, it’s impossible to adequately represent this record with one song. If you don’t like the one below, check out others for a totally different experience.

Key track: “Dead Finks Don’t Talk”

See also: Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) – Brian Eno (1974), Low – David Bowie (1977), The Idiot – Iggy Pop (1977), Lust For Life – Iggy Pop (1977), “Heroes” – David Bowie (1977), The Cars – the Cars (1978), Parallel Lines – Blondie (1978),  Lodger – David Bowie (1979)

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