Ramones (1976)

After the Who, John Lennon and the Stooges came close, this LP officially started punk music. That was basically the last widespread cultural revolution pop music had. It became a trend, killing off the popularity of more pretentious, longwinded genres like prog rock and blues rock, establishing those bands as irrelevant, and beginning a new back-to-basics ideology. Of course, it was also brilliantly simple, with a sound that was so primal and fresh, it qualified as art. Somehow, these four guys from Queens made a new direction for rock music that was sophisticated, yet grounded and brutal. Not bad for barely thirty minutes of songs. Gabba gabba hey!

Key track: “Blitzkrieg Bop”

See also: Leave Home – Ramones (1976), Road To Ruin – Ramones (1978)

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