London Calling

The Clash (1979)

Having spurred on the UK side of the punk revolution with their 1977 debut, the Clash’s third album demonstrated that the genre had absolutely no limits, as the band adopted numerous new styles, ideas and moods with an unstoppable zeal. Unfortunately, not many others had much success doing the same, as such a feat of diversity, songcraft and experimentation was rarely attempted afterward, and never equaled. London Calling could also be said to have a hand in the Western popularization of reggae, with a few dub-and-ska-influenced tracks appearing therein.

Key tracks: “Rudie Can’t Fail”, “Train In Vain”

See also: The Clash – the Clash (1977), Give ‘Em Enough Rope – the Clash (1978), Nevermind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols – the Sex Pistols (1978)

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