Angel Dust

Angel Dust

Faith No More (1992)

There is nothing else like this in the musical landscape of 1992, nor had there been before that point. Even today, it has spawned precious few imitators, probably for understandable reasons. Take one part overblown macho funk music, add some theatrical death metal, a good amount of classical influence, and a dash of weird synth pop, and besides an overused cooking metaphor, what do you have? A glorious mess, with a steadfast underlying logic and some thankfully accessible melodies. Demented genius Mike Patton was behind this group’s tongue-in-cheek art rock; he would helm equally unusual projects in the future. His “aggressive sonic muddle” ideology would become a beacon of inspiration for bands like Primus and Tool, and Linkin Park would find a way to make millions off the rap-metal hybrid. But this is still the best I’ve heard out of that niche.

Key track: “Midlife Crisis”

See also: Disco Volante – Mr. Bungle (1995)

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