A crucially important election culminated in an unforgettable night of historic firsts and fresh new starts for our United States of America. Consider the following boundaries the winner has broken:

First President to have a pending court case for child rape.

First Presidential candidate in recent memory to be vehemently endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan, an organization that wishes to disenfranchise and violently subdue people of color and non-Protestants.

First President to have a pending court case for massive fraud.

First President in recent memory to enact racial segregation in their business holdings.

First President to claim he would not honor the results of a people’s election, contradicting and undermining the very foundation of our republic.

First President to encourage assassinating the other major candidate, contradicting and undermining the very foundation of our republic.

First President to insinuate that he does not pay taxes like every other citizen, contradicting and undermining the very foundation of our republic.

First President to insist that the electoral process was rigged, contradicting and undermining the very foundation of our republic.

First President to create policy to not allow an entire enthnicity to enter the country.

First President to criticize women openly at a political gathering for having periods.

First President since the fall of the USSR to be friendly with the Russian government, and implicitly okay with its human rights abuses.

First President to insult and impugn a decorated military veteran.

First President in recent party alignment to completely lose the majority of his base’s support at some point, and in some cases ignite their rage.

First Presidential candidate to be ostracized and disapproved of by Every. Single. Major. American. Media. Outlet. (Except Fox News, presumably)

First President to be a failed businessman for several decades.

First President to publicly deny climate change and blame it on a Chinese conspiracy over 50 times.

First President to try and prevent a judge from doing their job because of their race.

First President to proudly helm a bigoted conspiracy against the sitting President and later vehemently deny being a part of.

First President to mock the handicapped in a public forum.

First President whose confidant and chronicler vehemently disavowed them as a sociopath.

First President to vocally support a nation leaving the EU, with disastrous results.

First President to go on a national stage and political debate and brag about the size of his penis.

First President to imply he would have sex with his daughter.

First President whose electoral surge on November 8th caused the DOW to fall more than it did on 9/11.

First President to have a reality TV show.

Not to mention… the First Vice President to advocate electrocuting gay people.

All those who voted for him, who didn’t vote, who thought Hillary was just as bad, who voted third party because it felt right and sensible. This is absolutely, DIRECTLY thanks to you. Are you proud of what you’ve achieved? Look at yourself and realize that this nation has fallen irrevocably because of YOU. Thousands, perhaps millions, will suffer and be discriminated against through legislation imposed by this Congress, this Supreme Court and ultimately, this man. Many of my friends will face persecution and harassment because of you, even if you idly stood by your party or assumed everything would be fine. We have become forever shamed as a nation through your vote, and our position in the global economy and hierarchy will certainly plummet. I feel endangered by this leader’s insanity, capriciousness, bullying tendencies, paranoia and insecurity, and I’m the most privileged kind of person out there. What have you done?

Sources: the numerous print articles in this collection and this one, plus this and this and this and this, in addition to the telecasts of the 2016 US Presidential debates and primaries and trump’s Twitter feed 

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  1. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am. Also devastated. Great post.

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