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THE NEWS: June 28, 2018

This past week, Representative Maxine Waters called for citizens and other politicians to not back down in their opposition and was castigated by conservative lawmakers, and troublingly, the media at large. Meanwhile, Sarah Huckabee Sanders went to a restaurant and … Continue reading

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Death Grips Is Online

Thoughts while listening to Death Grips’ Year Of the Snitch: This is the sound of living in fear, rage, and depression, even in places of privilege and moments of comfort. It’s also about nonstop resistance, whether that be for social … Continue reading

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THE NEWS: June 18, 2018

            There are human rights abuses going on in the U.S. right now that should be examined by the UN. Attorney General Jeff Sessions tried to justify it in a press conference by invoking the Bible … Continue reading

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MM, FOOD: In Which I Remember Eating Things

I went ahead and tried my hand at Yelp-style restaurant capsule reviews for every city I’ve spent significant time in. The absolute greatest spot in that city leads off and is bolded; the next five greatest are underlined, and further … Continue reading

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This Was A Triumph

Portal doesn’t have as much plot as some other games, but is all the better for it since the focus on puzzles means that their setup and pacing is perfect. Its ambiguous, cynically funny tone and sleight-of-hand twist means the … Continue reading

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“We Are You, Freeman.”

Half-Life 2 flows. Its narrative takes place over three consecutive days. The pace of exploration, puzzles, combat and atmosphere is flawless and the four are inextricably woven together. There is unobtrusive, but unmistakable world-building beyond the heroic “escape, progress and … Continue reading

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“I hope I […] get old”: The Five Year Gap

By my count, at least 30 90s/2000s indie bands and rappers have reunited recently after a recording hiatus of five years or longer, a noticeable lull in a once-breakneck industry. It’s a strange period in the image and commerce of … Continue reading

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